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Tony C

My interest in detecting was initially piqued when someone suggested I watch 'Detectorists' as it's a great lesson in brilliant comedy writing - my other hobby is writing screenplays.


And I loved the show from the start, though it didn't immeadiately result in me taking up the hobby. No, that came a couple of years down the line when a birthday left me with a small pile of Amazon vouchers and nothing that I needed to spend them on.


So a brief but sucessful couple of months with a Chinese detector and I was hooked and ready to get a proper machine. I watched Youtube, read magazine articles and reviews, compared features and finally decided to get an Alter 71 due to the combination of great switch and go settings and a wealth of settings for me to grow into as I became more familiar with the machine.


I've never looked back...


I'll be at Detectival, hope to see you there.


Youtube channel, Instagram, Twitter:

tcDetects on YouTube

@tcDetects on Twitter


Detecting location in the UK: 

West and North Yorkshire... occasionally South Yorks too.


Rutus used:

Alter 71 Version 2.0


Fave Rutus settings:

Dual Mode - my personal settings are at the end of my videos.


Fave finds:

1 - Victorian Policeman's 'Sad Lion' cloak clasp.

2 - Edward 1st (maybe 2nd) Farthing, from same field as the 'Sad Lion'.

3 - My first gold - and my first ring.

4 - 1930 Florin, I just love the design,


Other hobbies:

Screenwriting, Poker and following West Ham Utd - oh and Dr Who jumpers.









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