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I have now been detecting for just over 2 years and I can definitely say it is now a big part of my life and not just a passing hobby which I have had many of! I have always been fascinated by british history and historic places from a young age so a couple of years ago I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy an entry level machine to take my love of history further.


After a quick facebook search of local groups I found UK Dirtfishing which had just been set up by fellow Team Rutus member Luke Higgins. Coincidently he only lived up the road from me so we started sharing permissions and after finding my first few pre decimal coins I was hooked.


Luke upgraded his machine to the Rutus Alter 71 and instantly started finding much more. So not wanting to be out done and left behind I copied him and purchased an alter 71 too. It is the machine I still use today. I love it, it really is a hammy hoover and since using it we can’t stop pulling them out from our permissions!


It is hard to describe why I love detecting in a single sentence as the hobby brings so much to me. It is the banter and friendships created, being out in the fresh air in some beautiful scenery and of course finding cool relics! I love finding something knowing the I am the first person to touch it in hundreds if not thousands of years, it is as close to time travel as we will get.


I'll be at Rodney Cook Memorial and Detectival.


Youtube: Metal Detecting UK Dirtfishing


Detecting location in the UK: 

East Sussex and surrounding areas.


Rutus used: Alter 71


Fave Rutus settings: All Metal Mode running in dynamic


Fave finds:

My collection of hammered coins

Medieval Oval Vessica Seal Matrix

Silver stag seal matrix


Other hobbies:

Wild camping.





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