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Matteusz D

As a kid I was fascinated with exploring old villages with castles and palaces and, of course, reading and listening to the legends associated with them.


When I was 16 my father bought me my first metal detector, which was a Rutus Proxima 2.0, and since that day I became a professional detectorist - at least I thought so. Lol


With each day out with my Proxima I learnt more about my detector and with every success, big and small, I got more into the hobby.


With more than 10 years of experience I now treat metal detecting as unearthing history rather than treasure hunting. Anyone who also is into this hobby and who has found an item lost by someone, a couple of hundreds or thousands of years ago knows this great feeling.


So for the last 10 years I've been a loyal Rutus owner, with a Rutus Alter 71 since last summer.


See you at the Rodney Cook Memorial rally.



Instagram: matt_thedetectorist


Detecting location in the UK: 

East Sussex and the London area


Rutus used:

Rutus Proxima for 4 years and the Alter 71 Version for the last year.


Fave Rutus settings:

Dynamic mode:

Sensitivity as high as possible. Ground filter 3-4. Masking 2-3. Disc 0-13. Sound gain 30. 13khz.


Fave finds:

1 - Early bronze age axe head found with Rutus Alter 71

2 - 9ct gold weeding band found with Rutus Alter 71 on the Seaford beach.

3 - Snake Buckle.

4 - My first silver coin.


Other hobbies:

Fishing, gym and travelling... and remember, If in doubt dig it out!


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