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I've been using the Rutus Alter 71 since early 2018, I've used a few other machines in my time but gelled with the Alter straight away. I love the versatility of the machine and being a small guy balance is important, whilst the Alter is not in particular a light machine it's so well balanced it's one of the few I can swing all day with little fatigue. The VDI has to one of the most accurate on the market and is brilliant for coin shooting.


I genuinely believe that the Alter is able to compete with any machine on the market even those that cost twice the amount!


Recently I have been using the machine in All Metal Mode, listening to everything under the ground, I run in dynamic but switch to dual mode on occasion. A lot of my land is surrounded by electrical lines and fences and the ability to switch frequency to avoid the worse of EMI is priceless to Me.


I have found many hammered coins, Roman coins on my holiday permission in Devon, Bronze Celtic units, a fob seal, Votive Axe and A beautiful Saxon strap end as well as many silver pre decimals. I have found gold ring but a gold coin continues to allude Me!


I work on The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine and also the All Metal Mode UK podcast and Co run The Detecting The Weald and UKDF 4 life groups in East Sussex.


I'll be at Rodney Cook Memorial and Detectival.


Youtube: Metal Detecting UK Dirtfishing


Detecting location in the UK: East Sussex and surrounding areas.


Rutus used: Alter 71 Version for the last year.


Fave Rutus settings: All Metal Mode running in dynamic


Other hobbies:

Wild camping.





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