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Adrian Gayler

I originally had an interest in detecting when my grandad used to go out in the late '70s with an old Garrett detector my uncle brought back from America when he was stationed out there in the RAF. I decided to look into detecting again after my old next-door neighbour I grew up with posted on Facebook that he had purchased a machine and was looking for land and also someone to detect with.


I purchased my first machine, a Whites Treasuremaster and then we both started gaining permissions. We both try to get out at least every weekend and some weekdays on a varying range of permissions in Essex and the London areas. I have been fortunate to have used a wide range of machines over the years and first got my hands on the Alter 71 when asked to do a review for Treasure Hunting Magazine. After not having a Rutus machine before I was intrigued on how it would perform. After the first day out detecting I realised this is the machine for me. I love the ability to ‘tweak’ all the settings, the tones, the display and the balance. I cannot ever see myself getting rid of my Alter 71.


Adrian will be at Detectival.


Adrian's Website: Just Detect


Detecting location in the UK: 



Rutus used:

Alter 71 Version 2.0


Fave Rutus settings:

Basic setting, why? Because for a machine straight out the box it just ticks all the boxes perfectly and is ideal for those first starting out.


Fave finds:

1 - Gold plated picture locket found in pasture in Chigwell Essex.

2 - Elizabeth half groat 1558-1603. Found on pasture in Essex 11 inches down and first

day out with my Alter 71.

3 - British Sea Service 1835/51 rifle musket. Found in Bradwell, Essex. Love the history

behind this.

4 - 16/17th lead token found in Essex field. Very decorative.


Other hobbies:

Real Ale, Gardening, Walks with my dog, Computers

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