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About Team Rutus UK

Team Rutus UK are detectorists who use Rutus products in the pursuit of uncovering history.


We are not paid by Rutus and we were all users of Rutus detectors before Team Rutus UK started.


We do occasionally get new kit to test and review for Rutus - which is very nice of them.


Founding members are UK Dirt Fisihing - Luke and Niall, and tcDetects - Tony.


Our search for additional members has seen us add Richard Lincoln, Mateusz David, Yvonne Lundon-Marchant and Adrian Gayler.


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About Rutus

Rutus are based in Poland and was started as a labour of love for Arek, a  dedicated detectorist who decied to turn his passion into a business venture.


Luckily he is an engineer too so he knows how to build a great detector!


They make detectors designed by a detectorist for detectorists.


Rutus Website


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