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The new Rutus Atrex is here, check out the Atrex page on here for more info and resources for this exciting new multi-frequency machine which is exclusively available from Detecnicks!

Team Rutus are out and about at the main UK rallies this Spring and Summer! Hopefully we will see you out in the fields, we will happy to demo the Atrex if we see you.




You can continue to check out this site, the Rutus UK Facebook page, our Mobile App, Instagram and Twitter accounts for news and updates on the team and Rutus detectors. 

We continue to work with Rutus on the Atrex and on new detectors as they go through development.


Team Rutus UK member, Adrian Gayler, found this cracking 13th Century Shield mount with his Atrex on pasture!



Picture of a medieval shield mount
A picture of a medieval shield mount
A picture of the Rutus Atrex metal detector placed on a dry stone wall

Multi Frequency available

A picture of the Rutus Atrex screen

Contact Us via any of our social media channels or the Contact page on this site.

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